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Volume :Volume 03
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The work ethic cannot be separated from the basic assumption that the human role as the worker is very important.At means that the human awareness or the human values are the main factors to determine the human attitude in appraising the world.Basically, the transformation leadership, the organization commitment and the professional work ethic are the key factors of many factors used to development the organization effectively and efficiently,including the organization of Indonesia air Force.The groups of the lower ranks officers (Perwira Pertama/Pama) Lanud in Adi Sucipto airport with the ranks of captain, 1st lieutenant, 2nd lieutenant oare the biggest number of personals among the other ranks. They are the main operational unit organizer that determines the success of the organizational main duties. This research was done based on the tendencies of the increasing and decreasing professional work ethic among the personal of Pama Lanud Adi Sucipto Yogyakarta.This research used research method and the sampling technique used the proportionate stratified random sampling.The data making was done by disseminating questioner respondents and the other data was got from the other related parts.The research hypothesis used an analysis method of the correlative data and double linier regression,simultaneous test (F test), Partial test (t test), Beta test (β)  and Anova one-way test. It used the independent variable the transformation leadership, the organization commitment,while  professional work ethic as the dependent variable.The F test  result concluded that both transformation leadership and organization commitment have positif and significant influences to the  professional work ethic.T tes showed that the transformation leadership had positive significant influences to the  professional work ethic,while the organization commitment had positif and significant influences to the  professional work ethic.The Beta (β) test result showed that the most influenced variable to the  professional work ethic is the organization commitment.Anova one-way test got the result that there were no significant change of the professional work ethic for the ranksof captain,1st lieutenant, 2nd lieutenant.

Kata kunci: kepemimpinan transformasional, komitmen organisasional dan etos kerja professional