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Analisa Data tidak Layak Hasil Pengajuan Berkas Klaim Pasien Rawat Inap Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan di RSU PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul Periode tahun 2019

Volume :Volume 13, Nomor 2
Penulis : Suliantoro
Kategori : Manajemen
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In an effort to perform filing a claim bpjs, the hospital as a fkrtl generally have several factors that led to the appearance of the pending individual claim documents, unfit and worthy of. Public hospitals pku muhammadiyah bantul. RSU PKU Muhammadiyah Bantul Every month there were claim files status unfit. Based on the data submitted by 2019 period in patient claim files 9.623 file as many as there are 335 file unfit .Considering the importance of health financing jamninan in national health , the hospital will be lost money when claim files with little verification status unfit . Thus writers want to examine all claims social service who do not belong in a public hospital pku muhammadiyah bantul.The kind of writing that is used in this research is to the qualitative method served in the form of descriptive.

Keynote : claim in patient care, health social security agency,