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Pengelolaan Berkas Klaim Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan Pasien Rawat Inap di Rumah Sakit Puri Husada Yogyakarta

Volume :Volume 13, Nomor 1
Penulis : Suliantoro
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Health is a healthy state of, either physically, , mental spiritual and socially that allows everyone to live productive. socially and economicallyThe health insurance program in indonesia held bpjs, health its implementation has started since january 2014. BPJS is responsible to president and serves to a health insurance program for the entire population. The author examines all claims about hospital husada castle, yogyakarta where the claims management bpjs in-patients at a hospital husada castle through parts ranging from, registration ward, administration and then to the pharmaceutical. medical recordThe completeness of documents document became an important part in the process of. Claims When the hospital to complete the process of replacing the more rapid health expenditures. has given. Of implementing and do the work of someone often find the impediments that capable of inhibiting the achievement of a goal of the activity .The management of in-patient bpjs claim files will not run well , there must have been some obstacles faced by an organization especially at hospitals puri husada Yogyakarta. This time to research the use writers the qualitative method as presentation of the results of research


 Key Words : Claim documents, management a social security, management agency health.