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Analisis Pengaruh Faktor-faktor Perilaku Konsumen terhadap Keputusan mahasiswa Memilih Kuliah di Akademi Manajemen Administrasi "YPK" Yogyakarta

Volume :Volume 01
Penulis : Wahyudiyono
Kategori : Manajemen
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Yogyakarta has been famous as a student city and becomes the idol city for Indonesian and also other countries in which they can continue their study. Hundreds of universities, academies and colleges exist in Yogyakarta. They vary in facilities and qualities. Almost each year, there are many new study programs majoring in different fields offered. It is because the increasing of the demand of end users (industries). Hopefully, after finishing their study, the graduates can get easily the job. The aim of the research is to know the influence of consumer behaviour factors namely motivation, perception, selective attention, learning, personality, self concept, attitude, culture, special culture, social class, reference and family to student decision in continuing their study in AMA “YPK” Yogyakarta, both individually (each variable) and simultaneously (together). The population of the research are students of AMA “YPK” Yogyakarta registered in the academic year of January – June 2013. The research used the sampling method of stratified random sampling. A sample of 78 students is taken, which amounts to 30 % of the population or with the error level of 10 %. The result of research obtained is that there are 3 independent variables namely selective attention (X3), special culture (X9) and social class (X10) are individually stated not significant. While the other 9 independent variables are considered good and significant, they are motivation (X1), perception (X2), learning (X4), personality (X5), self concept (X6), attitude (X7), culture (X8), reference (X11) and family (X12). The influence of the nine independent variables is considered individually and also simultaneously significant to student decision in continuing their study in AMA “YPK” Yogyakarta. This result can be seen from result of t test of and also F test that the t and F test observed are more compared to the t and F test tables. These nine variables give contribution to the student decision in continueing their study in AMA “YPK” Yogyakarta of 99 %, The rests are explained by other variables which are not included in the model of this research.

Keyword: consumer behaviour, student decision